Czech car insurance

Car insurance vehicle requirements

Vehicle requirements

You are required by law to have insurance on your vehicle.
In Czech minimum (third party) vehicle insurance is called Povinne Rucni. (Pron:Poviney Ruchni).

Czech law requires drivers to have the following items in the vehicle at all times:
Warning triangle
Spare set of bulbs
Flourescent jacket
First aid kit
Spare tire (in good condition)

Required documents

When driving you are required to have with you:
Driving license
Proof of insurance/green card
Small technical document [?]

You should notleave the large vehicle document (velky techincky prukaz) [?] in your vehicle. This document proves who is the owner of the vehilce. If for anyone has this document besides you, they "own" your vehilce.

If your vehicle is parked on a public road, it must (by law) be insured.
If you plan on not using your vehicle for a long period and wish to cancel the vehilce insurance, then you will need to hand in the vehilce number plates to your local government vehicle registration office.
Then the vehicle will have top be parked off public roads.

If your vehicle is uninsured for any peroid of time, you can be fined by the Czech insurers association. The fine depends on the length of time the vehicle had no insurance and the engine size.
The fine is greater than the cost of insurance.

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