Czech health insurance

Complete/complex health insurance packages.

Each company has its own rates and conditions.
In the following pages we link to the the terms and conditions and prices for each company

Ergo Ergo provide some of the better cover.... >
Slavia Slavia provide some of the the least expensive health insurance.... >
Uniqa Uniqa provide solid cover ... >
PVZP PVZP supply the most widely accepted policy.... >
Motol foreigners reception Information on Motol hospital foreigners reception.... >
Prescription information Prescription with private health insurance > offers a wide variety of Private health insurance plans including individual and family health insurance, group health insurance, short-term health insurance plans, Schengen health insurance.

By providing choices of health insurance companies and types of health plans, we enable you to choose a health insurance plan from the insurance company that is right for you.

We make buying health insurance as easy as possible.

We provide a health insurance package that is accepted by the Czech foreign police, including proof of payment required by the forien police.

We can arrange insurance contracts and other documents delivery to your home or office.

Affordable individual health insurance plans and family health insurance quotes for free.

This includes private and family medical insurance coverage, as well as personal medical insurance for self-employed individuals.

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