Czech comprehensive car insurance

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Czech comprehensive vehicle insurance

Fully comprehensive is called "Kasko" or "Havarijní pojištění".
Kasko insurance covers damage you cause to your vehicle, while the POV (third party insurance) will cover damage you cause to another persons property.

A standard Czech car insurance policy would start with third party insurance and then add Kasko on top of the third party insurance.

Kasko -limits vary from company to company but, in general Kasko covers damage you may cause to your own vehicle and will insure the vehicle in case of theft or vandalism.

Insurance discounts

Under the kasko system no claims bonus the largest discount available is from your previous driving histor and with the Czech insurance system, each year of clean driving without any claims on your car insurance equates to 5% a year discount, to a maximum of 50%.
If you already have a car insurance policy this is added automatically to your policy each year.

It is possible to use your no claims bonus from other countries, although the policy of what a is acceptable varies from company to company.

Most insurers around the world will provide you with a standard letter for proof of no claims, so it is usually worth asking a previous insurer for such a letter.

The next best best discount can be through the policy Excess/Co pay/Deductible, in Czech this is called "Spoluucast".
Standard Czech Spoluucast is usually 5000 Kc or 5% of the value of the vehicle.

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