Czech car insurance faq

Can I insure a foreign car in the Czech Republic?

The answer is yes and no.
Yes you can insure insure a foreign car in the Czech republic. But in order to insure a foreign vehicle, the vehicle must be registered in CR. Therefore the vehicle would need to be imported to CR.
During the registration process of a non Czech vehicle you will need to prove you have Czech car insurance.

If you want to insure your car in the Czech Republic, you must be resident in the country, registered with the Ministry of the interior and have a rodni cislo (Czech birth number).

In order to apply for a rodne cislo you must have temporary or permanent residency in the Czech Republic.
A rodne cislo (RC) is assigned by the Ministry of the Interior and the application process takes approximately one month.
Without this number you are not able register a vehicle in your name and to make any changes to the vehicle documents at the vehicle registry offices.

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