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Czech health insurance FAQ

The laws governing Czech health insurance are complex and change constantly. This FAQ is an attempt to explain some of the more common questions about Czech health insurance and Czech visa issues.
This FAQ is not a legal document and should not be taken as such.
If you have specific questions about czech private health insurance that are not answered below contact us and we can try to answer your questions.

  1. What health insurance is required for a Czech visa?
  2. What is private health insurance?
  3. What is state health insurance?
  4. What are the different types of insurance availabe?
  5. How much does private health insurance cost?
  6. Minimum vs. complex health insurance.
  7. What does private health insurance cover?
  8. What are the exclusions on private health insurance?
  9. Where can I find the terms and conditions for my health insurance?
  10. Can you arrange Czech health insurance outside CR?
  11. Do you offer sudent discount for Czech health insurance?
  12. Is there a deductible for Czech health insurance?

Czechinsure is licensed to sell private health insurance. We are not allowed, by law, to offer or sell state health insurance.

We have included some information about state health insurance only to try to explain the differences between the different types of health insurance available.

And then one of the more important questions and answers.
How do I use/claim on private health insurance?

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