Health insurance pregnancy

Health insurance to cover pregnancy in the Czech Republic

The following information is directly related to Czech private health insurance (Uniqa, PVZP, SLavia Ergo, Maxima). In particular to the type of health insurance required for a Czech visa.
This information does not refer to Czech state health insurance.

Newborn/Novorozenec insurance through an existing insurance plan

If you already have an existing "complex" health insurance plan through PVZP, Slavia, Unbiqa, Ergo, Or Maxima then there is a high chance you are already insured for the pregnancy the birth of the child.

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Starting a new health insurance policy when already pregnant

If you need to start a new insurance plan in the Czech Republic after you are pregnant, you will have to take standard medical tests for the pregnancy before you will be accepted for a contract.
From experience, it is better, easier and quiker to have the tests done in the Czech Republic.

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Moving to the Czech Republic when already pregnant

If you plan on moving to the Czech Republic when already pregnant and need private health insurance for a visa, contact us and we can help.

Depending on how far along the pregnancy is, you could travel to Czech Republic on basic health insurance and then apply for the relevany insurance once you are in Czech Republic.

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Changing your Czech helath insurance company once you are pregnant.

It is possible to change insurance companies once you are pregnant.

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Q: If we pay for the novorozenec as soon as possible, will it immediately cover me FULLY with no waiting period?

A: Yes, all the pregnancy related medical expenses will be fully covered from the starting date of the Novorozenec insurance coverage. (There is no waiting period applied here).

Q: If we're able to start the new insurance, how much exactly will we need to pay?

A: You will need to pay for 12 months of the Novorozenec insurance coverage. (The Novorozenec insurance needs to be arranged for the minimum duration period of 12 months.) This will give the mother 12 months "complex" health insurance plus extra cover during birth.

Q: If I already have an existing PVZP contract, would the contract we've already paid be deducted (minus 7 days)?

A: The insurance provider will pro-rate your refund based on the amount of the unused portion of your existing complex insurance policy.

Q: What is covered by Novorozenec (newborn) insurance?

A: Yes, the Novorozenec insurance covers you for the entire year from the insurance commencement date. Your pregnancy is covered and the delivery including any complications is covered. The baby is covered by the Novorozenec insurance during his postnatal hospitalization. Although there is a limit for the baby's postnatal care, it would take a very prematurely born baby placed in the Intensive Care Unit for over two months period to get over this limit.

Q: What are the tests and paperwork that I need to do related to pregnancy? I have an appointment at the clinic this coming Friday and the doctor said she would give me a "pregnancy card" then - is that what I need?

A: The insurance provider requests that you undergo an entry medical check-up performed by your doctor. This check-up will include your blood and urine tests, gynecological exam and pelvic ultrasound. You will need to ask your doctor to fill out and sign the attached Entrance Medical Examination Report.(We can supply the relevant application forms). Additionally, you will need to fill out and sign the standard PVZP application form (we can help with this).

Q: What happens if I have a miscarriage after we purchase the insurance? Do we get a partial refund?

A: Unfortunately, the Novorozenec insurance premiums cannot be refunded.