Czech insurance

Prices for Czech health insurance

PVZP 1100 czk a month. 13000 Kc a year (for 15 to 44 years).

Ergo have a sale on their health insurance until 30.4.2014.
Ergo Complex health insurance is 700 kc per month for ages 16 - 69.

Uniqa 650 Kc a month.

Slavia 850 czk a month. 10300 Kc a year

State health insurance, prices start around 1300 czk a month and are based on your income.
With state health insurance you pay monthly.
With all other insurance you must pay for a set time period, in advance.

Please note:

All prices listed are approximate.
There are different discounts avaible with different companies. The insurance price is based on age and therefore may change.
Health insurance prices change all the time.

If you have specific quesions, please contact us.

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