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There is a lot of misinformation about PVZP health insurance.
But at the end of the day, PVZP set the standard everyone has to meet.

PVZP is NOT "VZP for foriegners". PVZP and VZP are different companies with different insurance. The health insurance that PVZP provides has different entry requirements to VZP and the insurance itself is different.

About PVZP insurance

PVZP have over 4000 contracted doctors in the Czech Republic.
For private health insurance PVZP is the most widely accepted insurer.
PVZP health insurance is suitable for all Czech visa applications and czech residency permit applications.
PVZP can include cover for all Schengen zone.
24/7 assistance services.

PVZP complex health insurance

PVZP complex health insurance cover standard medical care.
This insurance covers standard visits to doctors along with cover for hospital care, emergency treatments, transport by ambulance, standard medical treatment, etc.

The main advantage of PZVP is that when you use the insurance at one of their contracted doctors or hospitals the treatment is paid for by the insurer there and then.
With all the other private helath insurance companies in CR you usually pay when you visit a doctor or clinic and then claim the money back from the insurer.

How to use/claim on PVZP health insurance

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