Czech no claims bonus

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Can I use my previous good driving history in CR?

It is possible to use foreign bonus systems within the Czech system.

Note: each country calls proof of good driving history by a different name. I will use the English term of "no claims bonus" (NCB) for the sake of clarity.

No claims bonus refers to previous car insurance contracts you have held where you have had a clean driving hiistory and where there were no claims on your car insurance (where you were at fault).
If you there was a claim on a previous insurance contract where there was an accident but you were not at fault this should not show in your insurance history or go against your NCB.

Under the Czech car insurance system, NCB is generated/accepted at 5% a year up to a maximum of 10 years/50%.
So it is possible to obtain a total of 50 % discount on your car insurance if you can prove that you have previous clean driving history for ten or more years.

You can use your NCB from another country here in CR, although the requirements vary from company to company.
Always the best thing to do is come prepared and ask your previous insurer for a letter of NCB. This letter can be in any of the major European langauges but, some Czech insurance companies may require an official translation.

Where possible the letter should be on official headed notepaper from your original insurer.

In the case where an insurer does not issue a letter and only issues a standard PDF document by email it is possible for a Czech insurer to accept such a letter but, an actual physical letter is always better.

I have driven company cars for the last X years without incident, is there anything I can do?

We have dealt with a lot of corporate clients over the years and we have found that if you can obtain a letter from your company on "company headed notepaper", this can sometimes be accepted by in insurer. Contact us for more details, if required.

I had a car insurance contract in CR how can I get a letter from a Czech insurance company?

The easiest way to obtain a letter for proof of NCB from a Czech insurer is to ask then to send you a letter for NCB when you cancel you insurance policy.
If you write a letter to cancel your Czech car insurance policy, then all you need to do is add the line "Zároveň Vás žádám o zaslání potvrzení o bezeškodním průběhu na mou adresu." and the insurance company will simply send a letter of confirmation to your address.
If you are no longer resident in CR and had a car insurance policy through Czechinsure, as a certified Czech insurance agent, we can write a letter for your NCB and thisn is usually accpepted by your new insurer.

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