Health Insurance

Private vs. public health insurance.

The Czech health insurance system breaks down into two different blocks.
Private health insurance and public health insurance.

Czech private health insurance

Private health insurance is for:
  • self employed third country nationals
  • people who require a visa for the Czech republic
  • third country nationals
  • people who are not employed by a business that is regietered in the Czech Republic
  • people who do not have permanent residency

When taking out private health insurance you can choose which health insurance company you want to deal with.

If you are NOT employed by a company registered in the Czech Republic then you will have to take out your own health insurance.

If you must go to a doctor or to hospital for treatment you will need to show that you have valid health insurance.
It is possible to arrange a visit to a doctor without health insurance. This quite simple. You will have to pay for the visit/treatment.

At Czechinsure we provide private health insurance.
It is not possible for a private company to sell or otherwise provide VZP or any other state health insurance.

Czech state/public health insurance

State/public health insurance is for:
  • Czechs
  • people who are employed by a business that is registered in the Czech Republic
  • people who have permanent residency
  • family members etc. of the above

If you are new to the Czech Republic your new employer would most likely arrange your health insurance for you.
When you have full time employment it is possible to choose which health insurance company you want to have.

This is a link to a very informative site is you are looking for information on the Czech Health care system.

PVZP versus VZP

PVZP logo

PVZP is a private health insurance company.

PVZP is for third country nationals who are not employed by a company based in the Czech Republic.

If a third country national is employed by a Czech based company or has permanent residency, they should be in the Czech state health system.

VZP logo

VZP is one of several state insurance companies.
VZP is the largest health insurer in the Czech Republic.

Public health insurance in the Czech Republic is paid for on the basis of contributions from your salary and is paid to a public health insurance company.

Health insurance and your visa

When collecting a visa or residence permit for the Czech Republic you will need to prove that you have health insurance that is valid under ministry in the interior rules.

All the insurance the Czechinsure provides is accepted by the foriegn police, ministry of the interior or relevant embassy.

The insurance cover must be for a minimum amount of 60,000 EUR and must cover medical treatment for sudden injury or illness and repatriation of the patient.

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