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We offer a choice of different insurers.

Non EU students in the Czech Republic

Foreign students are required to have health insurance when studying in the Czech Republic.
For non EU students, the student will be required by the relevant embassy to prove that they have sufficient health insurance in order to collect their student visa.

Czechinsure provides non EU students with a choice of Czech insurance policies that are suitable for Czech student visas.
We provide the standard student discounts that are available through the Czech insurers.

Please note: In order to obtain student discount the student will need to supply a letter from their school or university that proves that they have been accepted for studies in the Czech Republic.

All the Czech health insurance we provide are 100% suitable for Czech visa applications and offers genuine cover for the duration of a students stay in the Czech Republic.

With Czechinsure there is a choice as we offer health insurance from the major Czech health insurance companies.

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Czechinsure is licensed by the Czech national bank to act as broker and we work with Czech insurance companies providing services and insurance in English.

We give you peace of mind and confidence in your insurance plan.

No hidden fees

There are no no hidden fees or charges.
We have the same prices as Czech insurance companies.

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