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Czech third party car insurance

Czech third party car insurance is called "povinné ručení" (POV). This is the minimum insurace required by law.
Third party insurance (POV) is vehicle insurance for damage that you cause to someone elses property.
POV does not cover damage that you cause to your own car.

POV is arranged in different level, usually 35/35, 50/60, 100/100, 150/150, these limits are in millions of Czech crowns. These numbers refer to the limits of health and property insurance covered by the policy.
Example: POV 50/60 would refer to insurance cover to the value of: 50 million crowns of liability insurance for damage the driver causes someone elses health and 60 million crowns of liability insurance for damage to someone elses property (car, house, fence etc.)

With Czech vehicle insurance it is the vehicle that is insured and any driver with a valid license and permission to drive the vehicle is insured.

POV changes with the value of the insurance levels. 35/35 is a very minimum level of insurance and will come with no extras. But the higher the POV there are more extras attached.
Example: POV 50/60 may come with extra assistance service to cover breakdowns in CR, 100/100 may include breakdown cover and vandalism insurance, while 150/150 may have breakdown cover, cover against vadalism and theft insurance. But these types of cover/insurance vary from company to company.

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