Czech car insurance

Czech vehicle technical papers

There are three main documents to Czech vehicle registration documents:
Velky Technicke Prukaz (TP)
Maly Technicke Prukaz
and STK

Insurance companies require the number from the TP in order to insure a vehicle here in the Czech Republic.
If your vehicle does not have Czech papers it is possible to insure a vehicle without this number.

Velky technicke Prukaz

This is the document that proves who owns the vehicle under Czech law. You should no leave this document in your vehicle. If you vehicle is stolen with this document you will not be able to prove that you own the vehicle.

When we are registering a vehicle with an insurance company they ask a TP number.
The Velke Technicke Prukaz number it is usually in red print, top right hand corner of the document.
It will look something like: UB 9541258
If you have a Velke Technicke document, it is helpful if you send us this number.

Maly technicke prukaz

This is the small technical document for the vehicle. You need to carry this document with you when you are driving. This proves the data for the vehicle, if you are stopped by the police.


STK is a State Techical Kontrol.
This is a "health check" for a Czech vehicle and needs to be carried out on vehicles over 5 years of age and the inspection includes emission an test of the vehicle.


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