Czech health insurance

March 2018

General information about health insurance for a Czech visa/Residence permit

During the visa application process

If you are applying for a visa, you will be applying at an embassy (everythig else is a residence permit)

You do not need show any health insurance during the visa application process

You will need insurance once you have been notified your visa is ready to collect
You will need to show the relevant health insurance contract documents when you go to collect your visa

Once your visa application has been approved

You will need to prove that you have sufficient health insurance to meet Czech law
Czechinsure provides the insurance you need to collect your visa
There are too many variations to be able to offer an explantion about the current situation
Please contact us for current information and pricing

Health insurance for Czech residence permits

When you are applying for a Czech residence permit you will need to show that you have complex/Comprehensive health insurance that meets the Czech regulations

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