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PVZP Complex Medical Insurance covers healthcare comparable with standard Czech public medical insurance and covers preventative examinations and vaccinations, payments for medicines and healthcare aids and emergency dentistry, prenatal and postnatal treatment of mothers.

For complete information on what minimum insurance does or does not cover, please refer to the Terms and Conditions available for download on the right hand side of this page.

PVZP complete health insurance covers:

  • outpatient care
  • emergency hospital treatment
  • urgent dental treatment
  • medicines prescribed by a doctor
  • repatriation
  • up to 1,600,000 czk of cover per incident

It is possible to increase the limit up to 2,000,000 czk.

PVZP Complex insurance meets all the conditions for the Czech foreign police/Ministry of the interior.

PVZP have over 3,000 contracted healthcare establishments throughout the Czech Republic

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