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What Slavia say about their health insurance.

The scope of our complex insurance is similar to public health insurance in the Czech Republic, but is restricted to the agreed indemnity limits.

This type of insurance can be used by both-children and adults and also by pregnant women, or women who are planning to become pregnant. It is also suitable for professional athletes and all adults who desire more comprehensive insurance than that provided by the health insurance for foreigners for acute and emergency care.

Comprehensive health insurance for foreigners meets the requirements of Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on the residence of foreigners in the Czech Republic, as amended, and exceeds the mandatory scope of the relevant insurance.

Contracted hospitals

Clients may preferentially use contracted hospitals (see the to-date-list of contracted hospitals), which charge the costs of acute and emergency medical care within the scope of the insurance terms and conditions directly to Slavia pojistovna. Clients therefore need not pay the costs and only then claim the indemnity from the insurance company.

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