Czech health insurance

How to claim on your Czech health insurance

When using Czech private health insurance it is always better to call the assistance service number on the health card. hey have the best knowledge on how to use your insurance and what you can claim for.

The following page is about medical and not dental. Each insurance company has its own rules and exclusions for dental care.

In an emergency call an ambulance or go to hospital and sort out the billing later. I you can take proof of health insurance with you.

Using Czech state health insurance

With Czech state health insurance, there are normally no bills. You choose a doctor (find a doctor that is accepting new patients), and that is about it.
When you visit a doctor for the first time they will need your health insurance card to register you into the system.
Take 30 czk with you. Each time you visit a doctor you should pay 30czk.

Using private health insurance in an emergency

You should have your health insurance card with you (by law). So in an emergency get to the nearest hospital. And that is about it. Your health insurance should take care of the rest.

Using PVZP to visit a doctor

PVZP is the largest and most common private health insurance company, so we will deal with PVZP first.
With PVZP you should use their contracted doctors. We highly recommend that you do not just go to any doctor and try to use PVZP. There is a high chance that PVZP will not refund you if you use a doctor that is not contracted with them.
Important note: PVZP is NOT VZP (See VZP, PVZP the difference).

When you wish to use PVZP, especially for the first time (and we are talking about a non emergency) we recommend that you contact the PVZP assistance service on the back of your health card (see below). The assistance service speak all major European languages, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian.
The people at the PVZP assistance service are very knowledgeable and helpful and they will point you in the right direction.

PVZP assitance service

Axa asssistance +420 272099943
Axa website (before contacting Axa have your health insurance contract number ready).
When possible contact Axa assistance before you use PVZP. Call Axa and they will confirm your insurance is valid (this is a helpful step) and can save a lot of time and effort later.
Once Axa have confirmed your insurance they can point you in the direction of a doctor or local hospital that is contracted with PVZP. Axa can call ahead for you and notify the relevant people to expect you and that your insurance (based on your contract number) is valid.

When visiting a doctor/hospital, please be sure to take your passport. They will want to make sure that the insurance belongs to you.

Using Slavia, Uniqa, Maxima Ergo health insurance.

When possible call the assistance service on the health insurance card.
This can save a lot or problems later.


Call the assistance line, they will confirm your insurance and can tell you where to go.
With slavia you will need to pay and then claim the money back from Slavia.


Call the assistance line on the health insurance card, they will tell you where to go.
With Uniqa you will need to pay and then claim he money back.


Be sure to use hospitals contracted with Maxima. If you use non contracted hospitals they may not refund you.
Call the assistance line on the health insurance card, they will tell you where to go.
You will have to pay and claim money back from Maxima.


Call the assistance line on the health insurance card, they will confirm the insurance and tell you where you can use the insurance.
Go to a doctor or hospital and pay. Egro refund the payment.

Ergo will refund your costs to the same amount as a Czech person would receive under the state system.


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