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Fakultni Nemocnice Motol, (University Hospital Motol) Praha 5

Please note. We are NOT Motol hospital. We sell Czech health insurance and cannot book appointments for people at Motol.
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Czech hospitals and Motol

Although there are a lot of hospitals in and around Prague, this article refers mainly to Fakultni Nemocnice Motol as Motol hospital is the most well known and has a foreigners reception for non Czech speakers.

Fakultni Nemocnice Motol, (University Hospital Motol) Prague 5.

Motol foreigners reception basic hours

It is recommended to go Monday to Friday between 7:00 and 15:00 (when medical condition allows).
Outside normal working hours there is 24 hour emergency cover including weekend and public holidays.

The staff in the foreigners reception are very helpful and speak English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Bulgarian
You will need to take your health insurance card and some type of photo ID.

If you are planning a trip to Motol for medical care it is important to know that although Motol is well known and has a "foreigners reception" you should not assume that they will accept your insurance because you are a non Czech speaker, especially if you have state health insurance (people with state insurance see below).

Medical Emergencies.

In emergencies or cases of serious/acute illness.

If you have an acute problem, serious illness/injury or you consider your case to be an emergency then you can go directly to any hospital (no matter what insurance you have).
Where possible take your health insurance card and some type of photo ID.

Motol. Non emergencies

It is recommended that you plan your visit for the morning. This gives the staff in the foreigners section time to check your paperwork and book you into the system for the day. But definitely go before 15:00. If you have a job or you are a student, you should still go before 15:00.

Public/State health insurance VZP, OZP etc.

For people who have public/state health insurance it is advisable to visit a GP rather than Motol hospital for non emergency cases. If you have state health insurance you should be signed up with a GP (including gynecologist services).If your health condition requires a hospital visit your doctor will refer you.

Private health insurance PVZP, Uniqa, etc

Uniqa + Victoria

If you have health insurance with Uniqa or Victoria you should call the number on the back of you health card. The people on the helpline will contact the hospital ahead of your visit and should smooth out any payments ahead of time. This makes things easier on both you and the staff at the hospital.
In the case of acute problems or emergencies you can go directly to hospital without calling ahead.

Slavia and Maxima

With Slavia and Maxima it is possible to go directly to Motol without calling the number on the back of your health card.
If you call the Slavia or Maxima helplines before you go, this can help smooth out payments.
In the case of acute problems or emergencies you can go directly to hospital without calling ahead.


Call PVZP before visiting Motol, the number is on the back of the health card. They will give you information on what to do and how to proceed.
In the case of acute problems or emergencies you can go directly to the hospital.

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Getting to Motol hospital

Motol by bus

Buses can be taken from:
  • Andel bus station: Bus 167,
  • Metro station - Dejvicka: Bus 180
  • Metro station - Hradcanska Bus 174,
  • Metro station - Nove Butovice: Bus 179 and 184,
  • Metro station - Florenc: Bus no. 3 for physically handicapped persons
  • Ruzyne Airport: Bus no. 179.

Get off at Nemocnice Motol.

Once you get off the bus there is a wall that separates the hospital from the traffic. Find your way past this wall and the path leads down to the right. Then you need to cross a pedestrian bridge through the doors and turn left.

You should see signs saying Foreigner's Department.

Motol by tram tram

There are no direct tram links to Motol hospital but, you can take trams 7, 9, 10, 58 and 59 from Andel and change to a bus. You need to get off at the tram stop Motol. Just across from the tram stop, across Plzenska, is a bus stop also called Motol. From there the hospital is one stop away and all buses from that stop go to the hospital.

Motol by car

There is paid parking (30 ck and hour)

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Visiting people/patients at Motol

Visiting hours for Motol hospital depends on the ward and condition of the patient, some departments are open for visits all the time (based on the agreement)while most wards are open to visitors between 14:00 and 17:00 or 15:00 and 19:00.

It can depend ward by ward. So it is better to check.

Intensive care where hours are more regulated.

Contact details

For Adults: 224 433 681, 224 433 682

(Outpatient dpt. 224 433 684)

For Children: 224 433 690, 224 433 691 (Outpatient dpt. 224 433 689)

Fax : 224 433 692

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