Worldwide postage

Czechinsure can post a policy anywhere in the world

Although Czechinsure is based in Prague, that does not mean that our work is limited to Prague and the Czech Republic.

Postal services inside the Czech Republic

If you are in the Czech Republic then it is easy for us to mail a contract to you. We mail the necessary documents by registered mail or standard mail (as per your request).

Worldwide Postal services

We can provide Czech insurance polices to people anywhere in the world.
We supply Czech health insurance poliies that meets the legal requirements for Czech visa applications and can arrange 48 hr delivery of contracts anywhere in the world, for around 500 Kc (depending exactly where you are in the world).


Please note: it is a legal requirement that we receive payment BEFORE we can issue an insurance policy, so be sure to leave plenty of time for us to send you the required insurance polices.

We are licensed by the Czech National Bank so your international payments are safe with us.

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