Travel insurance

Travel insurance with Czechinsure.

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Depending where you are in the world the travel insurance we provide includes 24/7 helplines in most of the major European languages and more.

The 24 hour helpline is run by Euro center click on the map to see the languages covered.

How Assistance services/24 hr service can help in case of emergency:
In case of loss we shall compensate for costs incurred for the issuing of new travel documents/duplicates
By providing advice you how to proceed during insurance event
In case you are robbed we are ready to remit reasonable financial advance/compensation
We make sure you are treated by specialists no matter where you are in the world
By providing a payment guarantee we spare you of any direct payments during hospitalization or emergency treatment
Our doctors can monitor the patient's condition and advise about further actions
We will organise summoning a close person from the country during your long stay in hospital and arrange a contact with your family
We shall send a rescuing medical team for a patient and organise repatriation back to the country by an ambulance or by special aircraft
Recommendation of outpatient local clinics, doctors and hospitals
Issue guarantee of payment / verification of benefits
Arrangement of transport (ambulance, taxi, flights etc.)
Arrangement of medical evacuations and repatriations
Booking of hotel
Obtain medical reports
Translation (e.g. medical reports)
Cost containment
Arrangement of cash payment to policyholders
Support assistance company's medical escort teams
Communication with policyholder, tour guides, employer etc.
Coordination with embassy, tour guide etc.
Advanced reporting and statistics

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