Czech health insurance

What does complex health insurance cover?

This is a difficult question, that is basically impossible to answer.

Ask anyone in the business of selling/providing Czech private health insurance "What does complex health insurance cover?" and the answer immediately becomes vague.
A standard answer you will find is:
"Complex health insurance is the same as state health insurance, but, there are exceptions".

The reality is more complex.
Czech complex health insurance is not the choice of the insurance companies. The rules (laws) are decided by the government and are very complex with the law continually changing.

Basically there is only one place where the rules are written down (in Czech).
The laws governing private health insurance:
Link to the laws governing Czech private health insurance.
Link to the updates of the above laws

Non of the czech health insurance providers will provide a list of what complex health insurance covers.
They are however willing to say what the insurance does NOT cover. For a list of what complex health insurance does not cover you must read the terms and conditions of each company. Terms and conditions ofr Czech privarte health insurance.


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