Czech state health insurance

What is (Czech) state health insurance

Trying to answer common and somtimes important questions

State (public) health insurance in Europe is run by a countries goverment. This type of health insurance (Europe state/public health insurance) is for EU citizens.

For EU citizens

EU citizens have a European Health Insurance card which is provided free to all citizens of participating countries.

The right to health care in Europe is based on the country of legal residence, not the country of citizenship.

So as an EU citizen with residency in the Czech Republic should pay into the Czech state/public health insurance system.

Czech state/public health insurance for third country nationals

Third country nationals are people who are not citizens of the EU

Example: you hold a US passport, in the Czech/EU sense you are a thid country national.

If a third country national is employed by a Czech company and is resident in the Czech Republic, they will have Czech state health insurance.
Note: Spouses and dependants of third country nationals who are resident in CR, will need private health insurance.

Health insurance paymenst are taken at source from wages.

Private health insurance is health insurance that is provided by insurance companies and the insurance that these companies provide is governed by complex laws.
If you wish to see the laws governing private health insurance:
Link to the laws
Link to the updates


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