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Czech Complex health insurance

Although it is legally a different type of insurance to czech state health insurance, Complex health insurance is designed to be "equal to" Czech state health insurance.
With Complex health insurance you have the legal right to the same level of treatment as someone with Czech state health insurance up to a pre agreed Kc limit (usually 2,000,000 kc).

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There is no deductible or co-pay with Complex health insurance.

Czech complex health insurance meets the Czech visa regulations as laid down by the Ministry of the interior.

Complex health insurance covers standard medical treatment/doctors vists/emergency treatment and emergency dental treatment.

Standard Complex health insurance costs around 2300 kc per month with zero deductible.

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Complex health insurance covers/includes:

zero deductible
standard medical care/doctors visits
healthcare provided by healthcare facilities in connection with an illness or accident
preventative healthcare
care related to pregnancy and childbirth
acute dental care
outpatient medicines and medical devices prescribed by a physician

This type of health insurance is for people who will live in CR on a Czech visa or residence permit, are non EU and who will not be employed in CR on a regular Czech employment contract.


pre existing health issues
cosmetic surgery
comsetic dental surgery
complications during birth
Note: This is not a complete list of exclusions. For more information about exclusions please consult the individual terms and conditions for the insurance or contact us for more information.

Basic health insurance

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Health insurance for a Czech visa application

You do not need show any health insurance during the visa application process

If you are applying for a Czech visa, you will need health insurance that meets the reuqirements of the ministry of the interior once your visa is ready for collection, you do not need Czech health insurance during the visa application process.

Once your visa is ready for collection the embassy will send you an email about collecting your completed visa. This is the point when you need relavant health insurance.

You will need insurance once you have been notified your visa is ready to collect. You will need to show the relevant health insurance contract/documents when you go to collect your visa. We can provide the documentation that is suitable to collect your visa. We send documents all over the world on a daily basis.

Once your visa application has been approved

Once your visa is ready for collection from the relevant embassy, you will need to show documents that you have sufficient health insurance to meet Czech ministry of the interior regulations.

FAQ for Czech private health insurance

This type of insurance does not usually cover pre existing health conditions. PVZP can provide extra insurance that can cover pre existing helath conditions.
Any health insurance used for Czech visa colletion must meet the ministry of the interior requirements. Most none Czech insurance does not meet the required regulations. If you wish to use none Czech health insurance you must submit the full terms and codditions (in Czech) to the ministry of the interior and they decide if your insurance will be accpted of not. This is not a fast process.
Children must have their own insurance contract (usually signed by the parent).
Children must have their own insurance contract (usually signed by the parent).
Children must have their own insurance contract (usually signed by the parent).