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Czech comprehensive car insurance

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Comprehensive Czech car insurance is called Kasko.

When we provide Kasko insurance, you automatically receive an international insurance green car, that cover your car throughout Europe, including the UK.

Kasko insurance covers you vehicle for:
Vehicles and property involved in an accident
All drivers
All accidents
Falling objects
Personal liability
Natural disasters
Damage by animals
No claims protection, so your rates do not increase after your first accident
Protection when your car is on the parked or on the road

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What Czechinsure can offer:

English language assistance and support
Efficient help and services throughout the full term of the insurance contract
Adjustable excess (deductible) limits
Use of previous (non Czech) insurance bonuses for your Czech insurance
Fast and efficient claims processing in case of an accident
Use of a service vehicle if your car is in an accident
Coverage for other European among countries/when driving abroad Insurance whilst waiting for documents (rodni cislo, proof of no claims, etc.)

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Please note:

Although we provide car insurance services and support in English, all legally binding contracts must be in Czech language.

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