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A basic guide to Czech state/public health insurance

People who qualify for Czech state/public health insurance

Czech citizens and people with permanent residence in the Czech Republic
Employees with a Czech employment contract
Self-employed persons from EU countries
Self-employed Americans resident in CR (with a Czech trade license)
Employees from other EU states, working on Czech territory for employer based in other EU- country, if they are covered by Czech social security legislation
family members from other EU states resident in the Czech Republic

(To be clear. This is just basic advice and is not a complete explantion of Czech state/public health insurance. And as licensed insurance broker we are not allowed to work with Czech state/public health insurance in any manner)

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FAQ for Czech private health insurance

This type of insurance does not usually cover pre existing health conditions. PVZP can provide extra insurance that can cover pre existing helath conditions.
Any health insurance used for Czech visa colletion must meet the ministry of the interior requirements. Most none Czech insurance does not meet the required regulations. If you wish to use none Czech health insurance you must submit the full terms and codditions (in Czech) to the ministry of the interior and they decide if your insurance will be accpted of not. This is not a fast process.
No. Children must have their own insurance contract (signed by the parent or guardian.).
There is no decutible with this type of insurance.
Pay cash and then claim the money back from the insurance commpany. Be sure to ask the doctor for a receipt.
Czech state health insurance covers you for emergency treatment in Europe.
Czech private health insurance also covers you in the Schengen area.
Note: You would usually oay cash and claim the money back from your insurance company once you are back in CR.