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Czech third party (liability) car insurance

Czech third party (liability) car insurance is called povinne ruceni, also known as POV.

POV insurance covers damage you may cause to third parties.
That is, if you have an accident, the other people are insured for the damage you cause.

If you plan on using a vehicle on Czech roads with POV insurance we recommend that you buy insurance above the legal minimum (above 35/35). If you plan on storing a registered vehicle then you can use the minimum cover possible.

No insurance on a Czech vehicle?

If you have a Czech registered vehicle without Czech insurance, there is a system established that owners of uninsured cars are fined. The system is controlled by the Office of Czech insurers (Česká kancelář pojistitelů)

Website of CKP. Partly in English.

Czech insurance companies hold a fund that can pay out insurance claims if you are hit by an uninsured driver

Cheap car insurance

Be careful when buying cheap insurance. When it comes time to claim you may find yourself under insured and can you can be sued for damages you have caused.

If for some reason you plan to park your vehicle and not use it, you can always ask us for the cheapest quote we can provide. Because we are brokers we can try to find rock bottom prices. But we do advise people do not use the cheapest insurance whilst driving on public roads.

European green card

With Czech car insurance the POV part of your car insurance comes with a European green card.
Countries included in the European green card system European green card system.

Please note:

Although we provide car insurance services and support in English, all legally binding contracts must be in Czech language.

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