PVZP Complex health insurance

PVZP Complex health insurance is suitable for collecting a Czech visa and is suitable for
family members with a planned long term stay in CR such as spouses and children.
people who plan to stay in CR longer than 90 days.
people who do not expect to be employed during their stay in CR.
people who will be self employed, depending on your country of origin.

This insurance is PVZP Complex health insurance and meets all the relevant laws and regulations for Czech visa collection and/or extensions of a Czech residence permit.

If you have any questions about this insurance or if it relevant to you or your family, please contact us here: contact us and we will do what we can to help.

This insurance has many names on the internet and various websites such as:
Complex health insurance
Comprehensive insurance
Comprehensive travel insurance
Travel insurance
Comprehensive medical insurance
PVZP Comprehensive medical insurance plus
VZP for foreigners

Further information

PVZP Complex health insurance

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Assistance with arranging PVZP insurance

If you require help arranging the insurance, contact us and we can arrnage the insurance for you