PVZP complex health insurance is ideal for students with a price of 279 Euro a year for "European standard health insurance, with no deductible."

The insurance covers:

  • transport to a healthcare facility
  • necessary and urgent examinations required for diagnosis and treatment
  • visits to GPs and specialists
  • hospital stay
  • prescribed medication
  • dental treatment for acute painful dental cases
  • repatriation of the insured person, including transport of the remains to the insured person’s home country (as required by law)

PVZP Complex health insurance for students Czech Republic

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(Insuring someone under the age of 18)

For legal reasons people under the age of 18 cannot arrange their own insurance.
When completeing the insurance form there is a line "The person arranging the insurance will be the insured" if you un tick this box you will be given a second list of questions for the person making the insurance (who must be over 18 years of age)


Tick the box, bottom right: "Payment" and the system take you to the payment page where you can pay by credit card.

Insurance documents

The documents for the insurance will be sent to you by email to the email address you used in the applciation process above..
Once you have paid the system will automatically email you the documents you need for your visa collection.
For the embassy etc you will need:
A copy of the contract
The proof of payment
A copy of the health insurance card
You will have these forms in your email from P and you can print off as many copies as you need.