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Czech Basic health insurance

Basic health insurance has limited use under the Czech visa system and is not designed for long term use. Basic health insurance meets visa collection regulations:

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You do not the insurance before or during the visa application process and only need the insurance once your visa has been approved and is ready for collection.
nce your visa is ready for collection, the embassy should tell you how long the insurance peropd should be. (1 month, 2 months etc)

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Basic health insurance covers/includes:

zero deductible
emergency treatment and transport by ambulance in case of emergency
essential treatment and hospitalisation
payment for essential examinations to determine diagnosis and medical procedures
acute dental care
outpatient medicines
repatriation of the insured person to the country of origin, if required


Basic health insurance does not cover:
pre existing health issues
general GP/doctors visits
perventative examinations
general dental treatment
pregnancy care

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